WIFI Porter

4 Mar

WIFI Porter by TEN 1 Design – New for TRIO

The WIFI Porter is a deceptively simple, well-engineered, NFC-enabled device that’ll have students connected to your WIFI network in just a single tap. NO PASSWORD needed. Proforma can brand your custom porter with any artwork. If you have a large campus, it is simple to take the porter from table to table, to convention hall, to sign-in booth, etc, because the porter does not need power, and uses no cords. It really seems like magic. If you want, you can the enable the WIFI Porter to request information from student and guests, such as email, phone number, address, etc., before completing the connection. Information you can use to contact your audience in the future.

Basic Edition

Hospitality Edition

Please contact us for more information on this truly remarkable solution.

If you have any questions or wish to order, please contact your Proforma TRIO representative, email trio@proformagreen.com or call Kelvin Thomas at Toll-free 866.241.7606, extension #4.

Need items now, with standard TRIO imprint? Check out the ready to go selection at theTRIOstore.com.

Looking for even more ideas? Check out our online catalog at https://proforma.brandedpromotions.com.

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