College / Conference at Home

19 Mar

As numerous events are being cancelled throughout the US, Proforma is helping a number of TRIO programs adjust.

Proforma Mail House Services can help the TRIO programs send physical collateral of any type, anywhere in the US. Most people think of it as mailings, like brochures, but it can be more. For example collateral packets, training kits, graduation kits, study from home kits, anything that might be needed for virtual meetings, etc.

We also have a system for to-student delivery of graduation stoles, in the event of virtual or postponed graduation ceremonies.

Please let us know if we can provide any assistance to TRIO in anyway.



If you have any questions or wish to order, please contact your Proforma TRIO representative, email or call Kelvin Thomas at Toll-free 866.241.7606, extension #4.

Need items now, with standard TRIO imprint? Check out the ready to go selection at

Looking for even more ideas? Check out the new TRIO online catalog at

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