Spiral Notebook with Pen

15 Nov

Spiral Notebook with Pen – College of Lake County, TRIO Educational Talent Search, 11/01/2019

Wire-bound notebook with durable and flexible translucent Polypropylene cover. Includes 80 unlined sheets of 5″ x 6.875″ notebook paper and an elastic pen loop with pen (pen color matches cover color). Translucent color click-action pen with black ink included and comes inserted. Plastic pen measure 5.33″l x 0.33″dia.

Lots of color options

If you have any questions or wish to order, please contact your Proforma TRIO representative, email trio@proformagreen.com or call Kelvin Thomas at Toll-free 866.241.7606, extension #4.

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Looking for even more ideas? Check out the new TRIO online catalog at TRIO.creativemerch.com

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